All Kind of PVC Doors - Solid, Bathroom etc

There are several reasons for which you will have to choose a perfect material for the bathroom. The reasons are the development of your next home, replacement of your existing bathroom door which has been damaged over time or which is not looking aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it is essential to consider the overall look, function, and costs of the door for the bathroom so that you can fulfill your requirement. Due to exposure of humidity and moisture constantly and space restriction, you should select a bathroom door which is not only durable but also cost-effective and less maintenance. So, a PVC door is the best option for a bathroom. We are the best PVC door dealer in Jaipur. We supply our product to a PVC door shop in different places in Rajasthan. By choosing a PVC door for bathroom, you will get many benefits and some of these benefits are as follows.

bathroom pvc door in jaipur


PVC doors can resist moisture and do not discolour or warp over time. PVC doors do not get rusted or corroded due to the presence of moisture in the bathroom. So, they can last for a long period of time.


PVC doors are easily customizable and they can be painted with different texture and colours. So, they can fit easily with the different decoration of your house. You can enhance the aesthetic value within your house by choosing a PVC door.

Easy maintenance

PVC or Plastic doors don’t get the stain or catch mold easily. So, it requires less maintenance and ensures longevity. You can clean it by using water mixed with soap and wet cloth. There is no need to repaint PVC door for bathroom. So, you can choose a solid PVC door as a cost-effective alternative than other options for a door of the bathroom.

Less expensive

The cost of materials to make PVC door and installation charges of this door are less expensive compared with the other materials such as wood and metals.


The manufacturers always assure that PVC doors will not break easily. So, it ensures the security for the door of a bathroom.

Free for being affected by pest

Pests like termites cannot damage PVC doors. Doors made using wood can easily be affected by termites and other types of pest. But, PVC doors are safe from being damaged by any type of pest.

Attractive Look

PVC doors offer an attractive look for the door of a bathroom in your house or office. These types of doors are available in different ranges of colours and quality. They are also available in traditional as well as modern looks. So, you can make your choice according to the interior decoration of your houses or offices.